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First Article Inspection
Making First Article Inspection Easy 
First Article Inspection
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The Cluso Automated Production Engineering (APE) system is the first production tool to provide cost-effective, 100% inspection of first article boards without time-consuming programming. This unique system combines existing CAD, BOM and pick and place mount data with a high resolution scanned image of the board to ensure first article assemblies and documentation are accurate before entering production. Production personnel can simply step through each part to ensure the proper part, orientation and placement location are achieved. A typical board can be inspected in less than 30 minutes, greatly reducing production down time and eliminating downstream defects.

Cluso Benefits:

Greatly reduces time to 100% inspect PCB

Easy to use, requires little training

Utilizes existing CAD and BOM files

Virtually eliminates production defects due to

placement errors

Reduces placement machine idle time

Creates archive/traceability reports and files

Offers RAPID RETURN ON INVESTMENT  often in weeks or months, not years.



Cluso is a production engineering, quality assurance and set up tool

  • Cluso is the first system that integrates and automates several functions normally covered by three functional areas. And, it does so in a cost-effective, systematic, and mistake-free manner.

  • Cluso is extremely easy to use and requires virtually no setup or maintenance, and no programming.

  • Cluso is a cost reduction tool.


  • Cluso is not an AOI machine.

  • Cluso is a set-up tool, not an online, production inspection system (although it works quite well as an inspection sampling tool!)

  • Cluso is not a high-dollar piece of capital equipment that will take years to show payback.

Culso is a First article inspection machine designed by manufactures for manufactures.

we are 

First Article Inspection Chart

This graph represents actual data obtained at a Major CEM in Sydney, Australia. The first PCB inspected was performed manually. The second was inspected using the Cluso system. The third was using the Cluso system and sample data within the Cluso system, this would represent a subsequent run inspection at a user that has the Cluso system.

Cluso Worldwide Distribution Network

European Distributor

North & South America Distributor



Head Office:

16-350 Harry Walker Parkway North

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Mr Paul Walsh

Tel: +1 905 954 0505

Fax: +1 416 352 1941


Head Office:

21 Route de Nanfray

74960 Cran Grevrier - France

Mr Georges Bouvier

Tel: +33 450 191 191

Fax: +33 450 104 006


Neutec Electronic AG

Ein Unternehmen der


Metlenbachstrasse 29

CH - 8617 Monchaltorf

Tel: +41 44 948 17 11

Fax: +41 44 948 17 37 


Israel Distributor


Mr Moshe Levy 

Tel: +972 54 6366 588

Fax: +972 153 8926 2739


Sede Di Milano

Via Bellerio, 30 - 20161 Milano

Tel: +39 - 02.6621651

Fax: +39 - 02.66216580 

Ufficio di Bologna

Via GB. Melloni, 13

40134 Bologna

Tel/Fax: +39.51.6153277

Sede di Roma

Via E. Paladini, 75

Tel: +39-6-5576713

Fax: +39-6-5576762 



Prodelec NA

M. Faouzi Mrad

35 Rue des Entrepreneurs

La Charguia II



Tel/Fax: +216 (71) 941 925 

UK Distributor

Premtek UK Ltd

Unit 1, Mount Osborne Business Centre
South Yorkshire
S71 1HH
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0) 1226 244566

Fax: +44(0) 1226 732977


Japan Distributor

OHT Inc.

Head Office:

Mt Hidetaka Ohga  -  Assistant Manager 

Tel: +81 84 960 2120

Fax: +81 84 960 2118

Tokyo Office:

Tel: +81 48 814 1248

Fax: +81 48 814 1259

Nagoya Office:

Mr. Kazuhiro Seo -  Assistant Manager 

Tel: +81 52 788 2207

Fax: +81 52 588 2208

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