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Cluso Automated Production Engineering Systems

Use Cluso to:

  • Set up SMT production of a new product

  • Implement a revision of an existing product

  • Verify SMT changeover to a new batch production run

Applications and Features

1  First Article Inspection

  • ·    An AOI image is loaded in Cluso for a PCB assembly and allows the operator to compare this image with a previously-stored image of a golden sample and the bill of materials (BOM) in a systematic, step-by-step, and error-free process. For components without visual identification (such as ceramic capacitors), the operator can actually measure the component electrical characteristics and verify them against the database.

  • Cluso combines the image and data into one:

    • Image of the PCB being inspected

    • CAD file directly from the pick and place machine

    • BOM

  • Operators can:

    • Step through parts displayed on the monitor

    • Compare to CAD and BOM data

    • Compare to previous builds from stored sample files

    • Store a sample file of all CAD, BOM, Reports, and Image data for later use

    • Zoom in and out of images

    • Cut and paste to external Windows® programs

    • Type in notes for future reference

  • The inspection process can be configured to inspect:

  • All parts

  • One part only of each value

  • One part only from each reel

  • Nominated parts only

  • Parts of any other user-designated criteria

2  Documentation Control

  • Cluso compares BOMs with CAD files and pick and place programs and highlights any discrepancies so the operator can take appropriate action. This closes the loop between different sources of information and is particularly relevant to CEMs having little or no control over the information source.

  • All discrepancies are reported and logged, including:

    • Missing parts on BOM

    • Missing parts in CAD file

    • Duplicated parts

3  Quality Reporting, Archiving, and Traceability

  • For every batch, revision or model, Cluso can maintain an archive of the entire package used to manufacture the assembly, such as the BOM, CAD and pick and place files, image of the PCA, and a list of any discrepancies or defects found.

  • This comprehensive QA record allows the user to verify the exact configuration of any model, revision level, or production batch. If the Cluso system is used as an inspection sampling tool, the user can identify the product configuration at the time of inspection, including the batch number of integrated circuits.

  • These reporting features are ideal for high reliability production, such as defense or medical electronics, where product traceability is required.

  • Cluso provides a level of consistency and organization not possible with manual reporting.

4 Features

  • Easy to use

  • Doesn't require libraries or other files needing set up and maintenance

  • Process set up is fast: The operator downloads one or two files, scans the PCA, and the system is ready to go.

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