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smt reel storage | smt smart shelf | smt storage solution | smt reel holder
smt reel storage | smt smart shelf | smt storage solution| smt reel holder
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smt reel holder


InvMan-S1 is a Fully Wireless, portable SMT Reel Storage Solution.

Born out of the frustration of kitting times and lost inventory, the InvMan-S1 was designed to be as flexible as possible with the ability to adjust the location width at any time to accommodate any size reel in less than 3 seconds.To store a reel it is as easy as scanning any empty location and scanning the component barcode number. 

InvMan-S1 has a location on the bottom shelf where odd form components such as PCBs can be stored to help create a full inventory management solution.  

InvMan can be configured to fit a flat level shelf to store tubes, tray IC's and other non-reel packages. 

For cut tapes or loose components, custom ESD Reel containers come fully adjustable in width to store seamlessly on InvMan-S1.

The InvMan-S1 Storage solution was designed with traceability and ISO13485 in mind, giving you a fully traceable timeline for unique reel identification as well as First in First Out.

InvMan-S1 comes complete with a barcode scanner to perform all the store, kit and remove functions.



  • Eliminates kitting - Load directly from InvMan to SMT line.

  • Find and take parts in less than 5 seconds.

  • Full traceability - know by whom, job and when a component was taken.

  • Never run out of stock - automatically monitors safety stock levels.

  • Simplified receiving, storage & retrieval.

  • Lights up all parts on your Bill of Material for easy locating.

  • FIFO automatically enforced.

  • Automate your inventory in three easy steps. Scan, store & retrieve.

  • Pick directly to the SMT line.

  • Never lose a component again.

  • Reduces warehouse space.

Power: 110V - 240V, 50/60hz, Rechargeable battery.


Capacity: Fully adjustable to suit all Reel Sizes Hight of each level can be adjusted in 60mm increments.
Stores up to 757 8mm reels.
Bottom shelf for odd shape components or PCBs.


Communication: Wifi






Can swap any level for a Flat level

RGB led for Multiple users  

Cluso's advanced software allows up to 10 users at any one time to store, search and kit. Using our software, each user is allocated a unique color to their hand held PDA to allow them quick and easy access to stock. Other inventory management systems only allow one user, limited by one screen interface. These other systems require a user to wait until another users task is complete before starting a new task. Cluso eliminates this downtime putting the control into every users hand with easy to use PDA's and quick identifying colors.

smt reel storage

Cluso Barcode Scanner 

SMT storage solution
smt storage solution

The Cluso barcode scanner is an android based device running a custom Cluso app that will give you the power to store, find, pick kits and even take pictures of your inventory to be saved on the Invman Head Communicator Unit. The picture is stored with a unique reel identity for later reference if needed. With the barcode scanner, you can have up to 10 people looking for parts at the same time, the screen will indicate what color light on the shelves you are looking for. 


Head communicator 

The Head communicator is a windows 10 system that has the powerful InvMan server software to control the whole InvMan range. You only require 1 head communicator to control as many InvMan shelf units as you need. Any number of Windows clients can access and control data.

  • 1 Head communicator controls all the shelves 

  • Easy to use interface 

  • Locate stock 

  • Check parts history 

  • Built in barcode printing functions 

  • Can set Scheduled update of your internal part database 

  • Easy to use Kit creator 

  • Auto check of kits to see if there is stock 


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