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InvMan Reel Carriers

InvMan Reel carriers are available to convert existing shelving into smart shelves without the need for the full InvMan-S1 trolley.

 The InvMan carriers can sit on your existing shelving turning them into a smart shelf or can go into existing dry cabinets turning them into smart dry cabinets to help with your MSL parts.

 InvMan carriers are an anodized lightweight aluminum with laser etched barcodes, each of the 63 fully adjustable locations has an RGB light that will allow multiple users. The InvMan Carriers will require 1 MCU board to every 12 Carriers and 1 Head control to control the entire InvMan range.

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Flat Shelves 

Place shelves into your existing dry cabinet 

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RGB led for Multiple users  

Divider specs:

2 sizes:  100/150mm high

Material : Chromed steel   

Carrier Specs: 

Material : Anodized aluminium

Barcodes : laser Etched 

Light on location : RGB

Locations: 63

The Invman Flat shelves are designed to handle your Sticks, Trays, ESD tubs and other non-reel components. With 35 locations they are fully adjustable in increments of 31.5mm and can be used on the InvMan-S1

or they can be put onto your existing shelving or MSL dry cabinet 






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