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Riverside electronics Testimonial

“We originally saw the Cluso system at APEX 2019 and immediately recognized the benefits of its flexibility, not only for allowing so many multiple users to simultaneously access the system, but also for its dynamic storage capacity to store any size and width of SMT component reels in any location at any time. After installing many multiple trolleys in our facility, and operating them over the past year, we can definitely state that it was the right choice for us.”

“The Cluso support team has been a model of excellence in terms of their responsiveness to requests for assistance, particularly so, as we had some specific custom requirements above and beyond the norm for the system operation. We have found that the hand interface units and server software make for a highly intuitive system for operators and users. Our efficiency of operation has taken a big jump forwards and our storage space has been reduced by a big margin.

“We would have no hesitation about recommending Cluso to any potential user looking to achieve a durable, reliable and highly flexible storage solution at probably one of the best cost answers in this business.”

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Riverside testimonial
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