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Ampac Testimonial

I first saw the Cluso Invman SMT storage system at the Sydney Electronex Electronics Design and Assembly Expo back in 2018, where I met Sean Ross and Stephen Chakovan at the stand who were exhibiting the Cluso Invman and discussed our interest in the system, they were more than happy to provide all the information required for me to take back to our company in Perth, to evaluate and research further.

After that first meeting and over the next couple of years we made the decision to purchase the system, what made it even easier to decide was that we were able to evaluate a trial unit prior to purchase. Part of the evaluation was that Stephen came over to Perth to setup and train the operators on how to use the system and just made the justification for the system even easier, after seeing it in a working production environment for a few weeks.

Two Years from the initial enquiry at the exhibition we purchased 4 trolley units to replace an existing storage system. They were installed in early December 2020, and have been using them since saving us time and money.

The reason we purchased the units were that the existing system was running out of capacity and it was cheaper to buy the Cluso, and it gave us 4 times more capacity as the current system for a ¼ of the price. The added bonus was the flexibility and the ease of use of system, we are able to pick multiple kits at once and replenish parts on our SMT production line quicker.

The Cluso system also replaced our excess stock storage that couldn’t fit into the current system, so overflow items were being stored on multiple chrome wire trolleys, with no management control, making it hard to find parts, taking up more floor space, and taking us longer to setup products on the line.

Lastly, I was impressed with the way the Cluso guys were able to customise their software to integrate with our ERP system now we have a live link to our Production Order’s that show in the Cluso Software Interface without having to upload Bill of Materials every time to kit products.

In Conclusion, it was the best investment we have made in the last 5 years, the product is excellent, the customer support is great and I would not hesitate in recommending the system to any company looking at an affordable electronics component storage system.



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Ampac testimonial
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