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REI Testimonial

REI Research Electronics International

“We selected the Cluso inventory management system for the simplicity and elegance of its design. There are no moving parts and very few plastic components – we expect the maintenance costs will be very low. The flat shelves and reel shelves also seemed easier to adapt to our dry cabinet for moisture-sensitive parts, and to one of our existing open-shelf carts.

“The Cluso system makes it much easier for our pick-and-place technicians to put together a kit of reels, tubes, and trays – no more hunting for the right reel from a bin full of reels, or struggling to find a reel that was stored out of sequence. Our storage area now takes up about half the floor space it took before. The trolleys are well constructed, roll easily into position, and look great. Installation and start-up are straightforward, and support from the Cluso team was excellent. After the startup, the Cluso team helped us through each difficulty and peculiarity of our system, adding software updates as needed, and answering our calls and emails very quickly.”


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